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Define the word stupid, please. From the things I were taught, stupid is just how some body functions. Not their intelligence. Ignorance is bread from training; not stupidity. You can be smart and do stupid stuff. We can put seafood oil to their turkey twizzlers; hide brain fitness center exercises in to the other types of human body rubbing with that we think teenagers often occupy themselves; and imbed esteem-building messages within their wikkid beats.

ROTFL. I'm with you on this one Spectacle and sport won't be the same and right here we now have good recreations that have been reduced to low priced spectacle. Oh yes, I'd add Nascar racing and roller derbys to your list. Good task, Paraglider! The French neglected to observe that the spot known as Belgium could be utilized as an entry way into France, the Germans having said Bungling Ben that had no problem observing the too little France's protective line and cheerfully exploited it. You understand this thread is actually funnier as you are supplying the straight faced non comedienne comparison.
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